Pregnancy after treating Asherman’s syndrome

Pregnancy after treating Asherman’s syndrome A 35 years  old female came to Cloudnine Gurgaon with history of amenorrhoea since last one year , gets periods with medicines only and was having 10 years of infertility . She underwent every possible treatment and four attempts of IVF at various places with no results . 1st attempt was of IVF at Apollo Chennai in 2014 , second , third and fourth were at a renowned IVF centres at Chennai in 2015, 2017 April and 2017 July . She underwent hysteroscopy twice and surrogacy once but only to get disappointment. She had taken treatment for tuberculosis for 9 months in 2013 . There was mild male factor also , was advised to undergo surrogacy again by some other doctors as her endometrial lining was very thin 5.9mm and had stopped having periods , also a case of hypothyroidism and hyperprolectemia  . On examination we found that she still has eggs in her ovaries (AMH 5.4) but had stopped her periods due to adhesions in the uterus We planned to split her IVF cycles in to two parts . First part comprise of egg collection and fertilisation with husbands Semen . We could collect